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    09 September 2020

    Celebrating four Asia Pacific Property Awards 2020-2021

    LWK + PARTNERS clinched four honourable titles at Asia Pacific Property Awards 2020-2021 (click on project names for more information)!

    West Huashan Unipark, Jinan, China
    – 5-Star, Best Retail Architecture, Shandong Province, China

    Gallium Valley Science Park, Hangzhou, China
    – Winner, Mixed-Use Architecture for Zhejiang Province, China

    Wuxi Center 66 Phase II Office Tower II, Wuxi, China
    – Winner, Office Architecture for Jiangsu Province, China

    Kei Cuisine, Hong Kong
    – Winner, Leisure Interior for Hong Kong

    The Asia Pacific Property Awards are one of the industry’s biggest awards in the region, recognising outstanding achievements in architecture, interior design and real estate development. These awards are a source of great encouragement for the team at LWK + PARTNERS, who stays consistently committed to delivering quality built solutions for the world’s growing cities.