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    13 January 2022

    Professor Stephen Lau shares carbon-neutral design solutions with FuturArc

    Carbon neutrality is our common future and LWK + PARTNERS is fully committed to realising it through collaborations with clients and partners.

    Design Research Director Professor Stephen Lau recently contributed an insights article to FuturArc, a leading voice of green architecture in Asia-Pacific, sharing his viewpoints on zero energy buildings with the case of our Carbon-Neutral Building Design project in Guangdong, China.

    “We believe that zero energy buildings are a key means of achieving China’s carbon goals and therefore a future market trend. They require a technical approach that features ‘Passive first, active enhancement, maximise renewable energy use, and human-oriented post-occupancy evaluation’.”

    From insulation materials and ventilated façades in the building envelope to canopy design, photovoltaic integration and landscape features, the article shows how passive design and energy-saving innovations facilitate resource efficiency while optimising functionality and user experience.

    Click here for the full article by Professor Lau.

    In the same issue, the magazine also featured two LWK + PARTNERS projects as illustrative cases for sustainable, climate-adaptive design solutions.

    Green Shore Residence Phase II in Guangzhou, China (Click for project details) is a waterfront residential project with well-ventilated semi-open stilt spaces and extensive sheltered walkways to provide a pleasant green living experience in the warm rainy Lingnan region.

    At Tianheng‧Bayview in Zhuhai, China (Click for project details), our Landscape Team turns the garden into a wellness landmark for the overall residential development. It even improves the environmental quality of the underground car park by drawing in fresh air, natural light as well as views of greenery through a sunken plaza at its entrance.

    Click here to view the full articles.