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    22 December 2021

    Project WeCan Career Exploration Day aspiring students for the future

    A new round of Project WeCan Career Exploration Day was held on 4 December, the very first time conducting both online and on-site. Our Hong Kong Studio participated again to give secondary school students a glimpse of the architecture industry and how to become an architect, while helping them understand their interests and aspirations for the future.

    Associate Director Erica Wong and Associate – Senior Designer Thomas Chan joined again as tutors in the Job Taster Session to coach  students to hand make their own architectural models with foam boards. It allows students experiencing how an architect designs a humanised public building with creativity and, with his/her expertise brings healthy, diversified architectural space to the community and the city. Students were engaged to create their models which impressed the tutors.

    Both Erica and Thomas then joined an Industry Sharing Session where they outlined the role of an architect, fundamental qualities and the potential study and career path. They also shared their personal experience and advices to the young people.

    Project WeCan also organised a special Chit-chat Session featuring Stephen Ng, Committee Chairman of Project WeCan Foundation as the host,  and Ron Lee, Director (Community Relations and Marketing) of Hong Kong Sports Institute Limited and Lam On Ki, Hong Kong Women 100m Record Holder as guests to share their experiences as an athlete.

    Project WeCan is a Business-in-Community programme launched in 2011, a meaningful initiative that provides less-privileged students with opportunities and care to improve their higher studies and future career prospects.