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    30 December 2021

    Cultural architecture efforts featured on Construction+

    Rapid urbanisation and regeneration have brought great cultural treasures such as ancestral halls and other historical buildings under immense pressure. How can we preserve and enliven these important assets today?

    LWK + PARTNERS Director and head of Heritage Conservation Team Eric CM Lee (CM) shared his extensive experience and insights on restoring Hong Kong’s Lingnan-style ancestral halls with Construction+, a major Southeast Asian architecture magazine.

    “Conserving built heritage contributes to a city’s soft power and boost competitiveness. As part of society’s collective memory, historical buildings help people understand their past and cultural identity, reinforcing a sense of belonging among residents.” noted CM.

    The magazine also features our retail landmark project Zijing Paradise Walk in Hangzhou (click for project details), China, which celebrates the essence of traditional Hangzhou and Hui architecture with a contemporary version of iconic shaved roofs and interlocking spaces. Designed by Ferdinand Cheung’s team, the architecture harmonises with the environment with a subdued palette of façade materials, patterns and silhouettes reminiscent of historic Hangzhou architecture.

    Click here for CM’s feature coverage. Also visit our insights page for his full interview.

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