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    03 June 2020

    The healing power of architecture: Interview with Philip Wong

    Our planet’s population is now going through the biggest shared experience in decades due to COVID-19, and the way people think about life and illness today is incomparable with any time in history.

    Prolonged social distancing has cast a limelight on the importance of mental health as part of our wellbeing. People’s expectations for medical buildings have gone beyond equipment and technicalities and been more focused on their ability to encourage positivity. There have also been calls for a greener and more humanised environment.

    Philip Wong, LWK + PARTNERS Director who leads the practice’s Healthcare and Senior Living Team, shares the trends of healthcare spaces and the role of design in improving people’s experience in these complex facilities, using his latest project Shijiazhuang Zhao Hua Hospital Development in China as a prime example.

    Click here to read his full interview.


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