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    19 September 2022

    The Role of Architecture in Mitigating the Challenges of Climate, Financial and Global Conflict

    As one of the oldest professions, architecture has a great role to play in mitigating the challenges of climate, financial and global conflict which often arise from disaffection with the standard of living and lack of opportunities.

    Window & Façade Magazine, renowned for its global influence on future façades and fenestrations, published an interview with LWK + PARTNERS MENA Design Director Kourosh Salehi on the role of cladding in constructing sustainable buildings.

    “The advancement in innovative façade systems and technologies contributes enormously to the well-being and efficient functionality of buildings. Yet today in many parts of the world traditional method of construction remain as relevant as ever before. A sensitive response to the context should always prevail.” wrote Kourosh.

    He went on to comment on cladding trends in the building industry which should be sustainable, smart, and contextually responsive as such designs are increasingly requested by the built environment industry and those who commission them. In a world where climatic conditions demand ever greater sustainable solutions, building skins need to fulfil a number of technical tasks that are efficient and functional simultaneously.

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