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    28 August 2023

    Welcoming Exceptional AUS Interns to LWK + PARTNERS MENA

    This summer we welcomed  remarkable interns from American University of Sharjah (AUS) who joined our LWK + PARTNERS MENA team for an enriching summer internship. At LWK + PARTNERS, we believe in nurturing young talent and providing them with a platform to thrive in the world of architecture and design.

    Here’s what our talented interns had to say about their experience:

    Mohammed Alem: “I have been taught valuable lessons through hands-on experience with real architects in LWK. Their vision to make architecture for the betterment of people has inspired me to work with a meaningful mindset that seeks to elevate the spirit of people through the experience of built form. It was a meaningful experience that could not be found anywhere but in an ambitious and healthy environment.”

    Prerita Jinachandran: “I got to see what it’s like to be a part of an amazing team that is so well-coordinated and design-oriented, and yet has a great work culture. The opportunities LWK has given me were beyond what I could hope for. I am more than satisfied as an intern at LWK + PARTNERS.”

    Yousef Ibrahim: “My experience as an architectural intern at LWK + PARTNERS was a productive chapter in my growth as a multi-disciplinary designer. Grateful for the opportunity, I find myself in a design-centric atmosphere, which has been a fulfilling ground for my career progress. I am more than just an intern here; I am a collaborator, a learner, and an aspiring architect.”

    Laura Mattar: “I have immensely enjoyed my experience under LWK, but most importantly, I have learned so much. The opportunity given to me was one I won’t forget. Passion is LWK’s driver, and this is what I am here for.”

    At LWK + PARTNERS, we are committed to fostering talent, encouraging innovation, and creating an environment where young professionals can thrive and contribute to the future of architecture and design. We are immensely proud of our interns’ dedication and enthusiasm.