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    05 October 2023

    Re-imagining a Climate Resilient Built Environment

    On October 5th, Mithun Varghese, our Director was honoured to participate in an enlightening panel discussion on “Re-imagining a Climate Resilient Built Environment.” Hosted amidst a congregation of sustainability leaders, the event facilitated conversations that bridged the realms of sustainability, urban design, and societal impact.

    Key Highlights:

    Balancing Aesthetics with Climate-Resilience: Mithun shed light on the nuances of creating architectural masterpieces that are not only visually compelling but also resilient against the changing climate scenarios.

    Engaging Stakeholders in Sustainability: The discussion revolved around how stakeholder engagement can be the key to achieving sustainability goals.

    The Role of Technology in Urban Development: Technology’s emerging role in master planning to enhance climate resilience was a topic of much interest.

    Lined up with industry experts such as Jane Boyle (Abu Dhabi Airports), Lindsey Malcolm (Turner & Townsend), and Elie Matar (Regulatory & Supervisory Bureau, Dubai), the panel dissected the pressing need for climate resilience in today’s urban environments.

    With the looming COP28 summit, there was a shared anticipation for the outcomes and tangible actions that will set the path for the future. Our commitment to shaping a sustainable and resilient urban future was reaffirmed, and we look forward to many more such engagements that drive positive change in the world of architecture and design.