11 November 2022

Wetland Seasons Park won two awards in 6th ELA International Landscape Award 2022

Wetland Seasons Park, Hong Kong, China won two awards in the 6th ELA International Landscape Award 2022!

‧ Annual Residential Landscape Award – TOP 10

‧ Annual Ecology Landscape Award – Silver

The Wetland Seasons Park is a Comprehensive Development at “CDA” Site in Planning Area 115 (i.e., Tin Shui Wai Town Lot 34), Tin Shui Wai that is approx. 64,400 sqm. It is bounded by the core and inner zones of the Hong Kong Wetland Park (HKWP) to the north and east, government, institution or community (G/IC) facilities to the south, and high-rise residential such as Tin Heng Estate, Tin Chak Estate, Tin Yat Estate, Grandeur Terrace and Vianni Cove to the west.

The proposed development consists of 20 tower blocks, 10 villas and 10 houses and the estimated population is 5,181 people while not less than 5,500 sqm open space and approx. 21,259 sqm soft landscape areas out of 64,400 sqm total site area are provided that achieved more than 30% of the green coverage.

ELA International Landscape Award is organised by renowned design media ARCHINA with an aim to build a China-based award brand with a global perspective and lasting impact. The award has been recognized by famous design companies in China, USA, Japan, UK, Germany, Canada and Australia.