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    11 November 2022

    Wetland Seasons Park won two awards in 6th ELA International Landscape Award 2022

    Wetland Seasons Park, Hong Kong, China won two awards in the 6th ELA International Landscape Award 2022!

    ‧ Annual Residential Landscape Award – TOP 10

    ‧ Annual Ecology Landscape Award – Silver

    Sustainability can be embodied in the Wetland Seasons Park -a housing development with villas, tower blocks, and houses- in every imaginable way.

    Through either a green buffer, an optimized lighting system, or the application of renewable energies, our Hong Kong team creates a synergy between human activities, architecture, and nature in the residence abutting the Hong Kong Wetland Park.

    A 30-meter-wide non-building area with a lush landscape is set along the boundary between the residence and the Park comprised of a 60-hectare wetland reserve and a diverse bio-system. Tree decks are filled with native species to avoid the risk invasive wildlife would pose to the environment.

    The team employs natural light and ventilation systems to convert sunlight into electricity to power buildings and improve the environment inside. Renewable materials are utilized to enhance buildings’ resilience without compromising cost. The use of a rain harvesting system also aligns with our sustainability ambitions.

    At the communal spaces level, the interaction between residents and nature is guaranteed by viewing spots scattered across the development and an abundance of amenities in various colors and textures. The design creates a visual linkage extending from the residential area to nature.

    ELA International Landscape Award is organised by renowned design media ARCHINA with an aim to build a China-based award brand with a global perspective and lasting impact. The award has been recognized by famous design companies in China, USA, Japan, UK, Germany, Canada and Australia.