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  • Abu Dhabi Maritime’s ‘Community Activation Programme’ pilot projects


    Abu Dhabi Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Site Area

    1-2 Ha over five sites


    Rabdan: 381.12 sqm | Al Aliah: 681.88 sqm | Saadiyat : 1014.56 sqm | Jebel Dhanna : 3009.86 sqm


    Abu Dhabi Maritime & Abu Dhabi Ports Group


    Maritime Community facilities & ferry terminals


    Under Construction

    Abu Dhabi Maritime’s ‘Community Activation Programme’ pilot projects is part of the emirate waterways five-year plan to establish a roadmap for developing and enabling essential public maritime infrastructure throughout Abu Dhabi, connecting islands and coastlines to the wider community.

    LWK + PARTNERS developed an adaptable modern solution that can be deployed on different sites across the islands coastline. Creating a memorable visual identity and a distinct branding gateway, the designed dynamic signature roof element is inspired by the indigenous materials and activities of the site context. The design pays homage to the fisherman’s net and at the highest point it features a lighthouse lantern that has a dual function as a channel to release hot air and a wind catcher passively cooling public spaces.

    For this visionary and ambitious assignment, we mobilised a multidisciplinary team whose work focused on delivering a sustainable development that complies with all the relevant international and national regulations, codes and standards. Sustainability, safety, and innovation constitute the governing principles of how this project is delivered.

    The sites covered in this pilot projects development programme include:
    • Rabdan Marina facilities
    • Al Aliah Island ferry terminals
    • Saadiyat Island Marina facilities and ferry terminals
    • Jebel Dhanna Marina and ferry station


    Winning Awards

    Architecture Leaders Awards 2021