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  • Foshan Rail Transit Line 3 Shunde Port TOD Comprehensive Development


    Guangzhou, China

    Site Area

    916,000 sqm


    563,379 sqm


    Guangdong Shunkong Railway Investment Development Co., Ltd.

    Situated at the heart of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Shunde Port serves as a super port linking this dynamic region. Its strategic location, connecting Hong Kong and Macao, along with its accessibility via the Foshan Rail Line 3, underscores its dual TOD advantages. Today, the Shunde Port Area is poised for a period of significant growth, powered by improved transportation accessibility and all-round tourism development.

    LWK + PARTNERS is honored to be entrusted by the government to handle the urban design of this project, which has received official approval. This development is committed to leveraging the double TOD advantages of Shunde Port, combining precise positioning with nine major planning strategies, to transform the area into a modern hub integrating sea, land, and rail. The goal is to develop Shunde Port into a waterfront financial business district while maintaining its high-quality liveability. This will transform it into a practical, vibrant, and personable urban area.

    Our design vision for Shunde Port is multi-faceted: we strive to transform it into an International Port Science and Technology Innovation City, a coveted waterfront destination within the Greater Bay Area, a dual TOD hub for Guangzhou-Foshan, and a comprehensive district serving as the gateway to Shunde.

    Our design strategy encompasses a range of elements. We aim to develop an international gateway for the comprehensive development of functional complexes, ensuring seamless connectivity between the subway station and Shunde Port. We plan to broaden the influence of Shunde Passenger Port Station, and establish an international super park. Our design will also prioritize a harmonious integration with the natural environment, shaping a three-dimensional landscape network, forming an orderly waterfront skyline, and promoting an ecologically healthy, livable community. The concept of a smart city is integral to our design, ensuring flexibility, efficiency, and sustainability.

    In terms of implementation, we acknowledge the uncertainty of future market conditions. Therefore, we will grasp industrial development opportunities in the Greater Bay Area and explore different business formats to ensure the project's feasibility throughout its development. We will provide a variety of options for discussion and analysis, adopting a phased development model and fostering long-term cooperation with developers. Our involvement will span across urban planning and conceptual design research, TOD integrated transportation design research, and land value and economic benefit assessment. This comprehensive approach will ensure that Shunde Port truly becomes a jewel within the Greater Bay Area.