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  • The ONE


    Hong Kong, China

    Site Area

    3,126 sqm


    37,500 sqm


    Chinese Estates Holdings Ltd.

    The ONE enlivens the vertical shopping experience with a unique circulation design, with frontages at Granville Road and Nathan Road utilised to guide shoppers through a three-level podium, from where they may enter either the 26-storey high main tower or the 11-storey cinema block. The main tower up to the 14th floor is devoted to retail and the higher floors are allocated to food and beverage outlets. Recognising the increasing popularity of alfresco dining, the top four floors are set back, creating terraces with great views of Kowloon and beyond.

    A long escalator runs from the 6th floor of the main tower to the base of the cinema building, providing a secondary link between the two blocks. Such a design also serves to bring customers to the higher floors.