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    19 May 2022

    Five projects shortlisted in The 8th CREDAWARD

    Five projects by LWK + PARTNERS made it to the final round of The 8th CREDAWARD 2021-2022 contending for the world-class prestige in architecture!

    As one of China’s most influential property awards, The CREDAWARD is committed to advancing the human experience and the industry’s sustainable development. Entries come from renowned global design firms and developers while past winners are known to be world leaders in architectural aesthetics, environmental protection, user experience and economic impact.

    Suzhou Longfor Centre, Suzhou, China (Click for project details)

    ‧ Commercial Mixed-use Project (Shortlisted)

    10 LaSalle, Hong Kong, China (Click for project details)

    ‧ Residential Project (Shortlisted)

    THE CITY CENTRE, Kunming, China

    ‧ Residential Project (Shortlisted)

    XINLAND PRO ONE, Xiamen, China

    ‧ Residential Project (Shortlisted)

    Wetland Seasons Park, Hong Kong, China

    ‧ Landscape Design (Shortlisted)