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    10 May 2022

    Intelligent city are we there yet?

    Architects have a key role in identifying and implementing Intelligent city components for aspiring integrated metropolises like Dubai. AI & Technology implementation from macro to micro is fundamental to interconnecting the home as a node to the overall digital transformation and automation ambition of the Intelligent city.

    Smashi TV the dedicated business news network hosted our MENA Managing Director Kerem Cengiz as a guest for the 3rd Season of “Business is Personal” talk show that focuses on hearing from the most influential leaders from different industries in the UAE.

    In episode 9 Dr. Corrie Block in one-on-one interview with Kerem discussed the challenges and solutions shaping future cities. The talk highlighted some of the leading efforts that LWK + PARTNERS implements across the region to contribute towards holistic sensible design that actively responds to our changing world.

    Watch the full interview on smashi.tv: