27 June 2022

Five wins in Asia Pacific Property Awards 2022-2023

Our project teams have won five recognitions in the pre-eminent Asia Pacific Property Awards 2022-2023!

With its ceremony held in London this year, it represents one of the most widely celebrated and sought-after property awards annually across the globe. Truly a mark to be proud of.

Zhongshan OCT Harbour, Zhongshan, China 

• Mixed Use Architecture for Guangdong Province, China (Winner)

A large-scale cultural-tourism complex planned on a ‘One Ring, Two Hearts, Three Belts, Six Zones’ concept with a theme park, a shopping landmark, apartments, offices and a stunning waterfront high street.

FSH Plaza, Nanjing, China  

• Mixed Use Architecture for Jiangsu Province, China (Winner)

A vibrant corporate headquarters with staggering building blocks and a rich programme of landscaped spaces affording diversified functions.

Spring Moon Phase II, Shenzhen, China

• Retail Architecture for Guangdong Province, China (Winner)

A mixed-use lifestyle and cultural hub creating a multi-layer communal environment nicely integrated with a natural waterway nearby.

Wetland Seasons Park, Hong Kong, China

• Landscape Architecture for Hong Kong (Winner)

A charming green neighbourhood designed with ecological sensitivity to minimise adverse impact to the surrounding wetland environment while offering a pleasant living environment.

Foshan New Port Regeneration Project, Foshan, China

• Landscape Architecture for Guangdong Province, China (Winner)

A key project towards the team’s efforts to enhance the overall Dongping riverfront. Elements of the original industrial site are transformed into leisure facilities through adaptive reuse.