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    01 April 2021

    Kelvin Hui talks to South China Morning Post on office design under ‘new normal’

    As the world adopts new ways of working in response to the new normal of social distancing, it leads us to rethink how we design and use our office space.

    LWK + PARTNERS Director Kelvin Hui recently spoke to South China Morning Post and commented to the changes in workplace after a year of working within the constraints of the COVID-19.

    Giving a refreshing change to the office environment that adapts to the new normal can possibly motivate innovation, interaction and a better sense of belonging. However, “There’s a bit of a split between companies just managing to stay afloat under the current economic conditions in Hong Kong, and those with a stronger financial base or whose business is delivering well,” said Kelvin.

    “For companies that have the capacity to renovate, refreshing the workspace can be a morale booster for employees. It offers motivation, a sense of hope and impacts positively on client perception.”

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