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    14 January 2019

    LWK + PARTNERS An Organic & Dynamic Entity with Infinite Solutions

    LWK & Partners (HK) Ltd. (LWK + PARTNERS” or the “Company”) has officially launched its new branding, LWK + PARTNERS, as of today.

    In the last 33 years since its establishment, the Company has adopted various strategies and methods in time with market changes to achieve its current accomplishments. It has added new sectors and disciplines to its organisation when the market is in demand of them. It was able to reinforce its capabilities in design, execution and innovative research when needed. Its organic growth is the key factor that enabled it to quickly adjust to the changing environments. Over time, it has slowly accumulated a vast knowledge database within itself, such that it is now able to provide comprehensive architectural design services and consultations to its clients.

    However, as it continues to expand its business towards different ends of the world, reaching a wider and more sophisticated audience, it became apparent that its existing branding concept was not able to reflect the full scope of the Company’s services and capabilities. A rebrand initiative was hence launched to bridge the gaps in the Company’s organic growth.

    After months of anticipation, the Company proudly presents: LWK + PARTNERS.

    As hinted by the design of the Company’s new logo, LWK + PARTNERS is an equation with infinite solutions. The Company believes that as a whole, it is greater than the sum of its parts. Evolving with time has helped shape the Company’s dynamic nature, and its countless variations is now united under a consistent theme. The organic equation encompasses the collaborative effort inherent in all of LWK + PARTNERS’ projects. The new branding states clearly, for the first time, what the Company represents, what it embraces, and what it can achieve.

    LWK + PARTNERS can equal COLLABORATED EXPERTISE. The new branding unifies all of the Company’s disciplines, namely Architecture, Planning & Urban Design, Interiors, Heritage Conservation, Landscape, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Lifestyle, and Lighting Design under the umbrella of LWK + PARTNERS, which will continue to design and deliver outstanding projects through collaborative efforts. It also consolidates its various faces across its widespread global locations, so that they all represent the same united front.

    LWK + PARTNERS can equal PRISTINE DESIGN & PRECISE EXECUTION. In the course of its rapid organic growth, the Company has recruited many new talented architects to create design-oriented projects, such as Director Ferdinand Cheung, Landscape Director Paul Wong, Dubai Design Director Kourosh Salehi, Lifestyle Director Tom Mak, and Lighting Design Rebecca Wong. Its newly acquired design talents are strengthened by its long-established execution excellence to bring ideas to life, and LWK + PARTNERS is hence stronger as an integrated whole.

    Ronald Liang, Founder and Managing Director of LWK + PARTNERS, said, “We have been a people-oriented company since it was founded 33 years ago, and this will continue to form a crucial part of our identity. Our willingness to work side-by-side with different parties – colleagues, clients, contractors, and other professional parties – has given us the integrity and reputation that is not easily gained, but is, however, vital for a professional commercial body to prosper. What makes us different is that we care – about the spaces that we design, but more importantly about the people that we design for. Everyone involved is and will continue to be a part of our equation.”

    The new branding will be adopted across all LWK + PARTNERS global locations on all communications from today forward. For a start, the Company’s online presence, including the company website and all its social media platforms, has adopted a new face. All its studios across Greater China, Southeast Asia and Middle East & North Africa (MENA) have been refurbished to reflect its matured identity.

    Ivan Fu, Director of LWK + PARTNERS, said, “We grew up in the multi-cultural environment of Hong Kong. As a result we understand cultural adaptability better than most people, which turned out to be extremely helpful as we continue to expand towards other continents. We leverage on our local roots to reach the international audience. With our strengthened technological and data processing capabilities, as well as exposure to smart city initiatives, we are standing on well-founded grounds to continue our expansion.”