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    25 October 2021

    Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2021

    Our avid runners from LWK + PARTNERS are back on the marathon trail after a long two years!

    Yesterday, 14 staff members from our head office in Hong Kong took part in the city’s much anticipated Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2021, joining either the half marathon or 10-kilometre race on a brisk Sunday morning.

    After a series of warmup exercise, runners set off from separate points around Tsim Sha Tsui and made their way through the cross-harbour tunnel, completing the tough long race at Victoria Park with heartening encouragements from cheery onlooking crowds along the way. After that, colleagues gathered for a light but replenishing lunch where they shared exciting moments from the morning race.

    Marathon is a physically demanding sport. While most people realise the importance of previous warmup to prevent injuries during the race, considerable cool down afterwards deserves equal attention.

    The company organised a Recovery from Marathon workshop earlier where colleagues learned from a registered physiotherapist how to apply sports recovery through stretching exercises after the run. Proper stretching helps our body ease back into its resting state and reduces muscle soreness after intensive workouts.