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    21 December 2020

    Zijing Paradise Walk on Archiworld

    Our award-winning project Zijing Paradise Walk (click for project details) is featured on one of the most popular architectural magazines in Korea Archiworld.

    Zijing Paradise Walk sits by the bank of Wulitang in the West Lake district of Hangzhou. With leisure and wellness as its design core, the retail mall promotes an active lifestyle of living in harmony with nature and infuses the neighbourhood with natural vibe. The overall design incorporates the essence of traditional Hangzhou Hui-style architecture with the art of Liu Bai (meaning intentionally leaving blank spaces on the canvas) in Chinese ink paintings, creating an elegant centrepiece of Hangzhou.

    Director Ferdinand Cheung shares: “Health and wellness are at the heart of Zijing Paradise Walk’s design. Here we advocated a refreshed retail environment where emphasis is placed on experiences, community, and nature.”

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