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    13 October 2021

    Two sales galleries selected as world’s sensational curved architectures

    Two bending sales galleries designed by LWK + PARTNERS, The LOOP and Jiangshan Yun Chu – Legend Gallery, have been selected and featured in the Belgian publication Curved: Bending Architecture, a collection of sensational curved architecture around the world. These architectures in the collection demonstrate undulating forms with different curvatures and materials to create fascinating spatial experiences while their creative use of lines have made them spectacular landmarks.

    The LOOP (click for project details) in Chongqing, China is located on top of a wooded hill and encircled by ribbon-like structural elements. The structure was made up of a steel frame that received an onion-ring-like cladding system of stone slabs. Arranged in a horizontal manner, the slabs are stacked vertically on different levels. Two showrooms are linked by a crescent-shaped glass bottomed bridge, Skywalk, which offers visitors a stunning view of lush greeneries amidst the mountains.

    Sitting in a triangular plot on the Jialing River bank in Chongqing, Jiangshan Yun Chu – Legend Gallery (click for project details) is located at the highest point of the cliff. The transparent two-level arced volume makes harmony of nature and architecture. The structure used more than 180 customised glass panes that has become indivisible from its environment. The second level is rotated to give a spectacular structure.

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